Leslie has been going in daily for the radiation treatment. She said it takes 10 minutes at the most. She says that she feels so much better since she was released from the hospital in February. The severe back pain she once had is completely gone! We thought it was from her computer chair!!!

The chemo treatment is once a week, and takes roughly four hours. This chemo she hates  big time!! The side effects are everything you hear about, but the worst for Les is her hair falling out. I am sure this terrible side effect would be a nightmare for most women. I know it would be difficult for guys as well, but its more socially acceptable for guys to have shaved heads.

She is so glad that Baptist South is so close to our house, definitely makes this easy on her.

In February she was diagnosed with non-small-cell lung cancer. It is now June and she has gone through all of the prescribed radiation and chemo treatments….we are happy its over! The AWESOME news is she had her pet scan Thursday. (Pet scan is the final scan after chemo and radiation to see if it worked, or if back to the drawing board is required) We met with the oncologist on June 11th and there was no active sign of the cancer!! !! HOOO-HAAA….Holy Sheep Dip, time for a celebration!!! She is now on the three month follow up with NO chemo or radiation required at this time.

We believe the radiation treatment has shrunk her tumor down to nothing….this is so awesome!

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I sincerely wish you are able to find some of the information in my website helpful. I know when my wife was first diagnosed with lung cancer, we were like two deer in headlights....complete shell shock!! 

We just had our 25th wedding anniversary and have always looked for the bright new day. We are very grateful if you should decide to donate.