Leslie has been so sick these last couple of weeks, I am worried she may have pneumonia. She has had it a few times over the last few years, but this time it doesn’t seem to be getting any better.

101 degree flu like symptoms and continuous coughing. The coughing gets so severe at night lately. I lie there in bed kinda freaking out…wondering if she will be able to catch her breath. Her cough is coming from deep in her lungs. It sounds so deep and restricted…..maybe coming from her bronchial tubes, maybe they are slowly filling with Flem….what ever it is….its not good at all. Getting friggen scary.

Les called and went into see the doctor late morning, and the doc ordered an x-ray.

Les called me at work crying….and believe me, this freaked me out, she NEVER  cries like this!!! She has maybe called me crying in our 25 years of marriage, one or two times!!!

She said the doctor told her to come to emergency right now. I rushed home talking  to her on my cell phone the entire way. She cried,  the doc talked about possibly lung cancer.  Unreal…..what a hell ride….this stuff happens to other people right??…..

We have been through so much these last few years, this just cannot be happening!!!

I took Les to Baptist South in Jacksonville, Fl. about 5:00Pm. The first thing they did was took another x-ray after she was admitted. The doctor on staff brought me out of the room to his computer monitor. He then showed what looked like a  white mass the size of a mans fist. He said it was this large  cancer mass that is obstructing her breathing. It seems that the cancer is shutting down her trachea and bronchial tube………..this is unreal!

Baptist South was not prepared for Leslie’s critical situation.  They said better care could be given at Baptist downtown, located on the South bank of the St. Johns river in Jacksonville. So they brought in a gurney and took her by ambulance to Baptist downtown.

Feb 23. Leslie will be getting out of the hospital. They have been giving her concentrated radiation to the tumor. It is roughly a six inch diameter rod that concentrates  the radiation directly in the center of her chest, directly over the tumor. She has been feeling soooo much better because the radiation quickly reduces the tumors size.

Symptoms; She said now that radiation has reduced the size of the tumor.  Leslie believes that she may have had cancer for quite some time just didn’t know it!

  • Less energy than normal.
  • Back pain between her shoulder blades. We thought she needed a chiropractor. We bought a new computer chair a few months back thinking this could help….It didn’t!
  • She started coughing more than normal.

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I sincerely wish you are able to find some of the information in my website helpful. I know when my wife was first diagnosed with lung cancer, we were like two deer in headlights....complete shell shock!! 

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